8th Annual
Lei Day

1 May 2012

Hilo, Hawai`i

East Hawai`i Cultural Center

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Lei Day 1 May 2012 Hilo Hawaii
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May Day is Lei Day in Hawai`i

These days we only hear the chorus of May Day is Lei Day in Hawai`i, but there was a lot more to the song when "Red" Hawk wrote it back in 1927. And, though we do it as a hula today, it was, originally, a Fox Trot! Here, ALL of the lyrics are presented for your enjoyment. To hear and see it performed, come visit our Lei Day festival on May 1 at the East hawai`i Cultural Center in Downtown Hilo. To learn more, please keep reading!

May Day is Lei Day in Hawai`i
words and music by "Red" Hawk
copyright 1927

Land of the flowers, of flow'ry bowers,
In her gay dress she appears
A sweet happy maid, may her dress never fade
As she carries this day through the years

Land of green mountains, gardens and fountains
Beaches of white shining sand
Where each one I see has a smile just for me
And has ready a welcoming hand

May Day is Lei Day in Hawai`i
Garlands of flowers ev'ry where
All of the colors in the rainbow
Maidens with blossoms in their hair
Flowers that mean we should be happy
Throwing aside our load of care, Oh!
May Day is Lei Day in Hawai`i
Lei Day is happy day out there.

Ok, here is a really quick recording of the lyrics. E kala mai, but no video yet, so the black screen is SUPPOSED to be there! Hopefully we can get a nice recording with the hula steps my Nana choreographed for the Hilo Women's Club performance back in the 40s.



Here is Hilo, My Home Town, by Betty Lou Yuen, with the choreography her mother, Hazel Carter Yuen, taught me in the 1970s.


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Nona Beamer, "Mo`olelo ko ka Lei" Queen celebrates the lei in song
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