8th Annual
Lei Day

1 May 2012

Hilo, Hawai`i

East Hawai`i Cultural Center

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Donated by Don Nigro,
the items below and more
Antiques & Coins
are available for purchase at the 2012 Lei Day art show and sale:

Velvet Painting
Velvet painting by dePonce - plumerias and bird of paradise

Velvet painting
Velvet painting by dePonce - plumerias and bird of paradise

Sing Out Hilo album
Vintage album of youth singing group, SingOut Hilo, from the 1960s





Become a Vendor

Lei Day 1 May 2012 Hilo Hawaii
"He Mo`olelo ko ka Lei"


The Lei Stand


Na Lei o Hawai`i Wall Calendar

Greeting Cards

Individual Cards









Index of
Lei Styles

*Lei Haku - braided lei

*Lei Hili - braided lei

*Lei Hilo - twisted lei

*Lei Hipu`u - knotted lei

*Lei Hulu - feather lei

*Lei Kui - strung lei

*Lei Wili - wrapped lei

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Ni`ihau shell lei
Five-strand laiki Ni`ihau shell lei
donated by Don Nigro of Antiques & Coins is now part of the permanant collection
of regalia for our Lei Day festival
This lei represents the island of Ni`ihau

There are many ways to support and celebrate your local Lei Day.
The first, and most important, is to
"make a lei, wear a lei, give a lei"
so that the history, heritage, and culture of this important cultural art form continues to live and grow.

The work of this festival continues year-round, providing cultural programs and classes in lei making and related topics, such as Hawaiian ethnobotany.

You can help to promote and preserve this art form in the following ways, and many more!

* Support the entertainers and businesses who support us *

* Purchase our fundraising items *

* Purchase advertising on this site *

* Become a vendor for next year *

And of course,
Attend the festival!

If you have any questions, please feel free to
E-mail info@leiday.net